Thursday, August 23, 2007

Red source of life

People donate or give their blood away because others need extra blood when they are sick or hurt.In every country,there is at least one blood "bank"-a place where donated blood is collected and given to the hospital where patients need it?Your body needs blood to work properly and stay alive-the heart pumps blood,which carry oxygen,to all the organ and cells that need it.However people can lose lots of blood if they are injured-like in a road accident or if they go for an operation.Some illnesses also cause blood problems.In all these case,the patients need healthy blood from a blood bank. When one person's blood is given to another person ,it is called blood transfasion. THANK YOU!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

If I had a million dollar.

If I had a million dollar,I will save it.I will never ever buy anything like toys and game.Like I say,anything will never make me to buy that stupid thing,but we better not talk about that junk,OK, good?And with that amount of money,I will give all my money to my mother which my house is poor but not so poor and my house do not has a computer.I wish my house has at least one computer.If I really has that amount of money,I will REALLY BE SO SO.......RICH!!!BUT not real La! NOW,BYE BYE,SEE YOU LATER,BYE BYE!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


HI,My name is TOH YOU JIE.My favourite hobby is playing badminton.My best friend is Tan Jun xiong,jun wei and yi shao,but we call him koo koo shao shao,it is quite a silly name.I and jun xiong,sometime we went to the canteen to eat.we much stay together but at camp,we does not stay together.I hope that we could stay together forever.It is good to have a best friend like him.I hope that I can meet him next year.At two years ago,my friend,Timontie has move away but I still can see him in school. THANK YOU.